Children's Clothing
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[ORDER ITEM #3122]
#3122 - MORE CHILDREN'S ITEMS COMING SOON! Starting with an Amazing Little Lord Fauntloroy Victorian Velvet and Embroidered 3-piece Suit with Rhinestone Buckled Knickers, Silk Vest and Fully Embroidered Silk Velvet Frock Coat!


#891 - c. Early 1900's "Little Lord Fauntleroy" Blue Velvet Boy's Suit with Tissue Silk Blouse! I don't deal much in children's clothing, but there are a few pieces that catch my eye... this is one! Absolutely darling! Navy velvet suit with attached blouse of the finest white tissue silk with ruffled cuffs and collar. All three pieces are in Excellent condition except for the velvet wear to the pants... just where you'd expect it! I have no clue as to the size, but the arm length of the jacket from underarm to end is 8"... and from the back of neck to end of shorts leg is about 26-27" long... perhaps that will help?

$ 295. SOLD

#1789 - c. 1920's Complete Scottish Outfit from Aberdeen! Black Velvet Jacket and Tam, Wool Plaid Kilt and Plaid, Black Silk Vest and Leather backed Sporran! Bet you didn't know you needed or wanted this! Neither did I until I saw it. The study of the changes in fashion through the years is fascinating, and so is the history of Ethnic dress... and the fact that the design remains constant. The only thing to distinguish from a newer version of this outfit is the feel of the materials and the old label inside, "George Bisset, 15 Union Street, Aberdeen". In Excellent condition. Only thing to mention is the slight soiling of the striped lining of the vest and the fact that one button is missing. Now I've been told that buttons like this can cost about $12 a piece... so add that up compared to the price of the complete outfit... you figure it out!!!

$ 395. SOLD

Approx. - SIZE - Boys 32 jacket size, 30" waist