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Andrea Odicini Info
Thanks to one of my very knowledgeable customers, I have information on Andrea Odicini for you! He is considered by Italian women who know couture to rank along side, or even above, Valentino,... who is known to also pay Odicini great homage!! Odicini ranks tops and is absolutely revered. His creations were/are absolutely coveted... although he is not well known outside of Italy. From a wealthy Genoese family, he was able to pick and chose his clientele. If he did not like you, or if he thought that you did not understand fabrics and construction, he would not design for you! When he moved his atelier from Rome to Genoa, many women would journey to Genoa just to buy his creations because no one could equal his collections. He is the best of the best... bar none. He has incredible style, and his dresses are beautifully made.. inside and out -- just incredible. And, of course, they are costly, but Odicini would never ever compromise quality of fabric (using the best silks etc.) and the finest construction, so women were happy to pay his prices because they knew what they were getting. In the 80's, he finally agreed to make a ready-to-wear line, but his creations were still ultra costly. Bottomline.. Odicini equals incredible works of art!

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