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#9964  - Dated December 28, 1938 Wedding Gown of Silver Lame and Ecru Netting with Lillies-of-the-Valley Headpiece!  Worn by Betsy Canfield Rorty born August 5, 1916!  I have many more photos of this gown to go up tomorrow, but for the time being...   This gown comes with the original lillies-or-the-valley headpiece, long veil, and original photos and newspaper clippings of the bride! This was an amazingly expensive (for the 1930's depression era!) "made-to-order" gown of off-white silk netting over a silver lame base!!  Massive skirt and train is studded with large silver lame bows which echo the lame bow at the bodice.  Short tulip net sleeves.  Wide inset waist.  39 buttons down back (all button, but this mannequin has a bit of a hunchback so I didn't want to pull too hard!).   The condition is quite good, but not perfect.  There is some darkening to the lame in areas - but hardly even seen under all that netting, so it's only important for you perfectionists.  The only real issue is some underarm staining and some tearing - which I tried to photograph, but had trouble showing it (again, it's not much).  You could certainly use a bit of the long netting to repair under the arms. OR... cut them totally away if you want a less demure gown, and more 1930's va-va voom! :).  The netting for the long veil is different, and is dry, so it tears fairly easily... but still in great condition it might hold up to one wearing and that's it.  The gown netting is in VERY GOOD condition - thought not quite as strong as new, so you will still need to be careful wearing.  Measures:  34/35" bust, 25" waist, 58" long from shoulder to hem in front, 100" long in back. This bride's Mother's wedding gown from 1913 was just recently sold on this website (scroll down to see it).  So... it's a complete family provenance.  I have some original very shiny silver lame remnant as well.. though you will see major tarnishing from the original color... so you have to wonder if there is some true silver content in this lame!!

SOLD - but on display in Museum Category for Research/Study