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[#9718 - c. 1925 Gold Silk Velvet and Gold Lace Beaded Flapper Dress with Extraordinary Floral Display in the Style of Boue Soeurs or Poiret! WOW! Great dress, eh? I must have turned this dress insideout 10 times .. I keep hoping I'm dreaming and there really IS a label inside. There SHOULD be! It's not your ordinary run-of-the-mill dress by any means!! I went searching through my books, I asked the experts, but all anyone can say is "great dress"! In my Kyoto Costume Institute book, there are exactly similar ribbon roses on a 1910-1911 Poiret evening gown. And Boue Soeurs often used ribbon flowers on their pieces.. however usually those flowers are smaller, more delicate. So.... I really can't tell you anything more than I already have. It's SOMEONE special.. and hopefully a museum curator will know when they see it! Meanwhile, I just have to sell it as a "lovely dress" in OK condition. The problem is that someone (eek!) replaced the snaps or hooks at the side with a zipper!!!!!  And there is underarm staining (see photos). Otherwise.. it's in remarkable condition!! Missing one original rhinestone ornament that would have been on the upper back of the velvet ribbon... the outline is still there. And again, the zipper is just a problem for the moment. Measures: 30/31" bust, 23" waist. Hips were likely worn with a bit of hip rolls for slight pannier effect.

SOLD - but on display in Museum Category for Research/Study