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Last photo shows the extra material pinned on to the front of the dress ...
however, it could be used instead to make a drawstring purse.

#9219 - c. 1940's RARE (likely) BALENCIAGA Beaded Silk Dress! This dress came from the same Beverly Hills Socialite who owned the matching Balenciaga gown (seen above). This dress is extremely similar in material... a silk floral fabric with the outlines of the flowers beaded in matching bead colors creating a subtle, yet extensive beaded design. Now, I must tell you this dress, unfortunately, has no label but this Beverly Hills Socialite purchased the BEST, so... Lovely sheer nude net at midpoint in bodice allows for a little "peek" at the square neckline. The same sheer nude net creates a unique design at the back of the dress! There is a "bustle" effect with an extra pouf of material at the back. The "bow" at the side waist at the front of the gown has been removed at some point, so I just pinned it back to were it likely originally was attached. It can be worn without as is... or placed back on the dress. Just as with the Balenciaga gown above, you will notice the edges of the neckline and sleeves are scalloped following the pattern of the floral print.. along with a cutout of the pattern on the sleeves. This dress is in Excellent condition. Side metal zipper dates to 1940's. I'm assuming these dresses were true COUTURE, made to order by Balenciaga, Paris. Excellent condition... just a slight mothball smell to air out.