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# 7715 - c. 2000's SKY EYES White Owl Shaped Sunglasses Worn by Liza Minnelli!  OK... I ALWAYS seek out photos of the celebrity actually wearing the item I am selling.  Just helps to complete the authenticity.... even though I guarantee everything I sell is, indeed, authentic!  I do everything in my power to make absolutely sure!  I don't know when this photo of Liza was taken, but prior to 2005 when these glasses were sold at Star Wares in Hollywood (comes with that COA).  And the glasses themselves?  According to the Sky Eyes website:  "Fashion victims will be enthused by the Sky Eyes sun collection. Vintage, rounded, cat’s-eyed or pilot shaped, there is something for every taste. This Marseille line is not only very trendy but also earmarked to fashion codes. Well-known for the creativity of its stylist team and the quality of its sun lenses.  A stylish and remarkable collection, tailor-made for fashion lovers."  There ya go! :)   They sell (without the provenance) for $100 - $200.  AND... these are incredibly similar to the sunglasses worn by Audrey Hepburn in the photo below!!!!   Two icons wearing an obviously great style.  Condition is very good... they have been worn, but no defects.   Final Sale Movie/Memorabilia piece.

$ 345.  SOLD


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