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NEMSER Information from a family member: 

"My group hails from Vilna in Russia... which became Poland... and then the Soviet Union... and now Lithuania.  We've had some talented & famous people in the family too. My great grandmother, Sadie Nemser was a NY fashion designer. Nemser Originals were one-of-a-kind dresses sold from her shop, including an Inaugural Dress for Mrs. Calvin Coolidge. Others were sold through finer department stores. Sadie Nemser was a leader in the cubism effort of design. It was a family business with different relatives specializing in different work, such as the bead work. In July 1928, Sadie and her husband traveled to Paris on the SS Ile de France as the premier delegates of the Congress of Garment Retailers of America where Mr. Nemser was awarded the French National Legion of Honor for their efforts to bring harmony between the French and American garment industries!"