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#6704 - c. 1920's RARE French Silver Bullion "Hair" Cloche Labeled "Ideal, PARIS"! The ULTIMATE Flapper Cloche or Flapper Headpiece!  If you have been one of my website groupies for awhile, you might have seen the gold bullion "hair" cloche I sold some years back (still in my sold museum section). I bought that last one in London and hated to sell it as I had never seen another in my 35+ years of collecting.  So, since then I've been searching everywhere for others!  AMAZINGLY, I found two of these recently and again, it kills me to put these up on the website as I just LOVE LOVE LOVE them!!!!   And since, if asked what I would most like to collect, it would be flapper headpieces.  But I know there are others of "me" out there also with flapper collections, so... WAAAHHH.... you get the opportunity to own these forever!  Absolutely amazing!! It's a cloche woven with silver bullion threads in the shape of a classic 1920's hairdo... complete with the finger wavy hairs all over, and the pinned up "longer" hair at the back and coiled at the sides in braids (Princess Leahish!). I suppose this is the ultimate hat for a "bad hair day"!!! Excellent condition with the only thing to mention is slight tarnishing... it might have been brighter silver when new, but frankly I like it "as is" with this patina and just a bit of "hair" out of place.  Net lining. This will easily fit a 22" head, and even a 23" head! Nearly impossible to measure, but it's large on my normal 22" head (as you can see in the photos) and will fit, but higher on the 23" head - see other photos).  I assume originally this was worn by a women who didn't yet want to cut her long hair into the fashionable "bob", so wore this over that full hair (which is why it's larger).  Absolutely a Museum quality piece!

SOLD - but on display in Museum Category for Research/Display