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#6228 - c. 1912 White Battenburg Trained Lace Wedding Gown! Once again, if you want a Edwardian wedding gown, don't hesitate!  This is in NEAR MINT condition!!!  Bright white cotton Battenburg lace in a fabulous empire waist shape (so flattering!).  The lace is just perfect... fabulous design!!  I could go on and on but what for?  YOU know what you are seeing!  The gown was a bit small for my 35" hard-busted mannequin, but you can figure out how it would look fully hooked up the back.  If you don't have enough of an imagination for that, you need to spend more time in your mediation class! :) Measures:  33/34" bust, 27" high waist, 63" long from shoulder to hem in front, 70" long in back.  The only this even to say at all on this gown is that you will need a slip under (any color will do - and you might even want to wear a pastel or nude slip for your wedding ceremony and then switch to a black or some other interestingly dramatic color for your reception!   Cool idea huh?? :)  The only other thing is that you will need a small hand to get this on, unless you open up the cuff. 

SOLD - but on display in Museum Category for Research/Study