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#5968 - c. 1930's The Liberty Shop, New Orleans, LA Magnificent Satin Rhinestone and Beaded Trained Gown with Original Matching Belt!  I nearly fell off my chair when photos of this gown were send to me!!!  It was SO spectacular that I was afraid that when it arrived in the mail that it wasn't going to be an actual 1930s gown.... but I'm happy to report... it is!!!!  As fantastic as any gown you would have seen on the silver screen movie stars of the era.  There is limited information I've found on The Liberty Shop, 2220 St. Charles Avenue, New Orleans, but it was founded by two Southern ladies Mrs. E.M. Ragan and Miss Emily Guelton in 1920, and headquartered in a mansion that still stands (currently a bridal shop).  In the 20's and 30's "Customers were required to make appointments in advance and when they arrived sent their cards via a parlor maid. They were shown to rosewood sofas and chairs in the beautifully appointed rooms with the elaborate cornices, tall pier glasses, mantelpieces and glittering crystal chandeliers."   The shop imported gowns (that usually means from Paris) as well as designed and created their own couture creations for the wealthy patrons and elaborate gowns and costumes for Mardi Gras parties! I even found Mrs. E.M. Ragan on a passenger list on the famed Cunard oceanliner Aquitania (New York Times dated August 22, 1924) traveling from Southampton, England and Cherbourg, France!  Probably returning from France with her imported gowns!! :)   Both women passed away in the late 1930's, early 1940's and the shop continued under other proprietors in the same tradition, with the same painstaking attention to detail.  I doubt this was originally a wedding gown, but it it certainly could be, so it's included in this wedding section for those of you who have been WAITING for the gown that was going to WOW!!  Can't get much more WOW than this!!!!  There are minor spots mostly at the hemline, and a few minor ones here and there, but in the evening light you should be wearing this gown, they will hardly be an issue.  Measures up to a 29" waist (tight, but can squeeze into that) though the inner waistband is 26" (you don't need to use that), up to 37" hips. Bust is hard to measure as the back is open... but you can see it fits 35" bust mannequin... perhaps a bit larger as well.  Yes, the price is high... because I don't think in my life I will ever find another 1930s gown this special.... and being an import shop, who knows... could be from one of the top Parisian designers of the time!!!  We'll never know. :(  $ 15,000.  SOLD 

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