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#5904 - c. 1935 Wedding Gown Ensemble of Silk Satin with Lace Bridal Overcoat! Oh my god... it's happened AGAIN!  I got another one of these fantastic 30s wedding ensembles of simple satin dress and matching satin and lace long trained bridal overcoat.  But everyone CALM DOWN, breathe and read on!   You will find most of these lace bridal coats are in tatters because the 30s lace they used just didn't hold up well over the years.  But I have to say, this one is better than most, but it still has problems.  As you can see, there is an area of lace at the bust that is coming apart and will need to be stabilized.  There is also one area at the very edge of the train that has a small nip (see photos), but all in all it's still in really great condition.  I just don't know how it will wear if you wear it! :)  The satin dress has some light underarm stains, but the rest of the dress and coat are surprisingly clean!! But still, this heart-stopping piece is best for seamstresses or wedding collectors only. A seamstress may be able to stabilize the net lace by backing with netting.  If so... well, then... it IS wearable!  I can't give you the exact measurements of the dress as it's a bias gown, so it will fit quite a few different bodies but could go up to 39/34/44.  The wedding coat (or lace bridal overcoat for you Googlers) is best for a 34/35" bust so as not to stress it.  OK, now that you can breathe again after reading all the issues, take a look at the fabulous photos... and if you can deal with the issues (and I have to say, this is FINAL SALE to make sure the condition remains as it is), then you will adore it!   Oh, two more things.....  it comes with the original headpiece (yet to be photographed) and this came in a box dated 1935 from Gordon on Broadway in NYC.  If absolutely perfect, it would be over $2,000!  CRAZY LOW PRICE FOR THIS GOWN!!  Gorgeous! 

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