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#5800 - 1930's Extraordinary Beaded Velvet Wedding Gown with Long Beaded Train!  Kate Middleton's Alexander McQueen wedding gown cost a reported  250,000 (just over $400,000!!) and Pippa's simple McQueen gown was 20,000 (or $32,500).... and if you ask me... this gown is much more extraordinary than either of those "shmatas". (if you don't know this word... look it up! :)  This is what Kate SHOULD have worn to compete with her sister.  But alas, she didn't, so if you have the body, you can walk down the aisle like the Princess you are.   I have NEVER seen anything like this... other than in the 1930's movies. Ivory crushed velvet gown with beaded wide sleeves and upper bodice, and then the beading follows through to the long train!!  The long velvet ropes at the neckline with wax blossoms "tassels" complete the look.   This gown was so much nicer on the body than then mannequin, so ... on the body it is.  As it's a bias cut, it will fit a variety of bodies, but it is small, so best for size 0-4.  The model is 31.5" bust, 25" waist, 31.5" hips and it's too large in the bust and hips on her, but your waist will need to be small, or you will need to add a bit at the side closures.  Email me your measurements (no cheating) to make sure it will fit you, as this is going to be a final sale item due to the uniqueness. Although there is no label in this gown, it was found in a box with a little silk pillow (ruined now) that read: Valentin Elgoibar, Bilbao, Spain.  Unlike a new wedding gown, this is an investment as it will always keep it's value.  Museum Worthy.      $ 12,500. SOLD

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