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#5624 - c. 1933-1935 Wedding Gown with Matching Jacket of Ivory Silk Brocade! With Provenance and Original Bouquet Holder!  I have so many website groupies who always ask about great 1930's gowns!  So when I'm lucky enough to find this wedding gown with original jacket and original bouquet holder... along with the original wedding photo... well....  Whoopie! :) A lovely ivory silk brocade gown with the exact shape that you are likely seeking... sleeveless and low "v" neck... and, of course, bias cut skirt to hug the body as you see.  Comes also with the original thin matching belt (which just snaps closed, but you can buy a great 30s rhinestone belt buckle for pizazz).  The jacket can be worn for the wedding, or not... or just for the "going away" moments.  Just make sure you have someone to help you with all the buttons!!!   Since bias, this will fit a few different sizes.. but the jacket waist is currently 29" (though buttons could be moved a bit). Side snaps on the gown. The bride was Beth Levin of Boston.  Married on Dec. 29th (the son is not sure of the year, 1933-1935).  The family business was in the landmark "Dainty Dot" building in Boston.  And younger brother, Sam went to Boston Latin school with Leonard Bernstein! They remained friends for many years later.  The gown is probably from a dressmaker.  No labels inside.  But nicely done as this was quite a "well-to-do" family... who thought nothing of visiting Miami in the 30s, travelling on the transatlantic expensive Queen Mary ship to Paris, flying Air France and visiting Venice in the 50s.  This was when my parents were struggling to pay for my Father's 30 cent train fare in the 50s!!  The gown is a bit limp when not worn, and has extreme minor spots (see photos). 

SOLD - but on display in Museum Category for Research/Display