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#5201 - c. 1940's Gray Silk Nubby Jersey Turban Hat with Snood Back Owned and Worn by ANITA LOOSNo label except for a tiny one that reads "adjustable head size" inside.  An elephant gray color nubby silk jersey draped over a high wired frame and rounded shorter crown, and gathered at low snood back.  Decorated with a few simple gold flower sequins.  Excellent condition with just a minor "smushing" and perhaps one of the "daisy" sequins missing??  Hard to tell for sure.. or it could just be a pick in the jersey.  Really 99% perfect. I ADORE these high turbans... and quite hard to find... and then the fact that it comes from Anita Loos?  Well.... doesn't get much better.  Can you just imagine where Anita might have worn this.... and in front of who?  

SOLD - but on display in Museum Category for Research/Display