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# 4854 - c. 1967 - From the Classic Movie, CAMELOT Starring Richard Harris, Vanessa Redgrave and Franco Nero, comes this Heavy, LONG Trained Pink Gown!  Designed by BEST COSTUME DESIGN Oscar Winner, John Truscott I have three gowns from the movie going up.  I sold the Nightgown worn by Vanessa Redgrave (went to a museum), and I have a cape worn by Franco Nero (though hard to find as worn in the movie... but I purchased it WITH the Vanessa Redgrave gown so it's guaranteed to be authentic John Truscott designed piece).   Rare indeed as Mr. Truscott only worked on two films as costume designer in his career.  "Camelot" and "Paint Your Wagon".   As is written:  "Despite his enormous talent, he gained a reputation for 'spending a lot of money' on his designs and was never offered any additional Hollywood films after making only two."  I believe this lovely upper class-gown was likely worn during the Great Hall knighting of Lancelot court scene. In reviewing the film, it's written:  "Where the spectacle does appear is in the production design of John Truscott, who blew through the film's budget with his penchant for extravagant detail and artistic direction (There are 3500 different costumes in the film. Redgrave's wedding gown took six months to create at a cost of $12,000 1967 dollars - that's over $80,000 today!!!)"  The 5 costume pieces I have had are all beautifully designed, and of high quality fabrics... nothing cheesy like you might find in more modern movie costumes and fabric is decorated all over giving it an almost "snakeskin" look.  Measures:  34" bust, 25" waist, 51" long from shoulder to hem in front, 111" long in back!  Back zipper. Elastic to hold up train as seen.  Comes with 2006 COA from Backlot Props and well as COA from  Has the WARNER BROS. label as well as Burbank Studios label inside.  Excellent condition.  Slightly faded sleeves (may be original).