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#4795 - c. Spring 1949 CHRISTIAN DIOR-New York ORIGINAL "New Look" Gray Flannel Wool Suit with Original White Linen Modesty Tucker and Basted-on White Cuffs. You've seen Christian Dior -New York pieces on this website and others.... however it's much harder to find the Christian Dior-New York Original labels. The jacket has padded shoulder and incredibly padded peplum hips on jacket!!!  This created that "New Look" hourglass figure. And the addition of the pockets on the hips added even more to the wild shaping. PLEASE look at the photos of the jacket laying flat to see the depth of the padding!! At first blush, the condition looks near mint.  However when you hold the unlined skirt up to the light, you see many tiny moth holes, mostly on the back skirt. In addition, there is one seen moth hole on the waistband at metal zipper (see photo)... but that is, of course, covered by the jacket when worn.  Rare to find the original matching linen tucker with the suit!!  A true museum piece for the shaping.  Measures:  35" bust, 25" waist, up to 39" hips, 24" long jacket from shoulder to hem, 30" long skirt.    Price reflects the mostly unseen moth issues of the skirt. Damn I hate those pests!!  Perfect would have brought perhaps $500 more. Excellent museum quality shaped suit!  

SOLD - but on display in Museum Category for Research/Display