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#4690 - c. 2002 Black Elastic Dance Outfit from the "Cellblock" Dance Number in the Oscar Winning Best Movie of the Year, "Chicago"Purchased directly from the production company, comes this wild 4 piece outfit worn by one of the dancers in the cellblock tango scene.  I just found the scene from the movie on youtube (click on link below) and surprise, surprise... this is the outfit worn by "Lipshitz".  If you look very quickly or pause at the right spots, you will see the skirt flipping about on her as well.  And certainly the correct size red scarf used for her man. The straps are all elastic, and the bra and panties portions are sateen.  The "sleeves" are separate, as is the overskirt with mini weights in the "carwash" design.  The red square scarf symbolized the "blood".  FUN!!  Excellent condition for what it is!  Great gift for anyone who loves the movie!  Have fun wearing or displaying.

SOLD - but on display in Museum Category for Research/Study