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#4272 - c. late 1700's Century Green Silk Calash Bonnet! I've read that most calash bonnets were formed of green silk, though I can't tell you why!  I have seen black, blue and tan, but green seems to be the norm.  They are rare to find outside of museums, but you can find them now and then... but RARELY if EVER do you find them in this amazing condition!  It's almost like new!!  I can't find anything to mention other than two tiny tears in the ivory lining (which is usually never found intact, if there at all!). It's really nearly perfect.  As you may know, the calash was worn to protect the immensely high hairdos of the era. They folded flat for easy storage both at home and at the location wherever the women traveled.  You can just imagine the coat check problems if these didn't fold down! ;0  These were worn later into the early 1800's but those calash bonnets did not collapse as did the earlier ones.  Every hat collection needs a calash.  This is the best you will find! 

SOLD - But on Display for Research/Study