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#4231 - c. 1930's Autumn Colors Floral Chiffon Lame Gown! Ah, the 1930's had some timeless gowns, eh? Could easily be a gown seen today, but the uniqueness of the 1930's printed lame fabrics is the dead giveaway to those in "the know". There is only a slight sheen to the lame fabric.. just enough to make it glisten under the right lights. The gown doesn't come with the gold belt.. that is just a ribbon I own, so you can either buy your own ribbon, wear without, OR I have a perfect rhinestone 30's belt that I will offer for sale to the buyer for $125 prior to listing it separately. Great tailoring! Not too low front "v" and very low back "v" to show off that sexy back of yours. Bias cut skirt with classic "v" inset panels. I have another gown similar, but it's so small no one can fit into it! This one is a "normal" size for today. Measures: 58" long from shoulder to hem. Excellent condition with just a few inches of the back seam open (that was to get onto the mannequin - as you may know, 1930's dresses need a bit of a wiggle to get on.. and mannequins can't wiggle!!! :)

SOLD - but on display in Museum Category for Research/Display