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Plastic disc dresses, Life Magazine, July 7, 1968

Below are samples of dresses as made from the kit


#3939 - c. 1996 RARE PACO RABANNE, Paris "Do it Yourself" Mod Rhodoid Plastic Disc Dress "Suitcase" Kit!  Said Rabanne in 1966, "I defy anyone to design a hat, coat or dress that hasn't been done before...The only new frontier left in fashion is the finding of new materials". Enter in the disc dress made of small rhodoid plastic discs that are connected by metal jump rings to create a new kind of dress. Rabanne even created a DIY kit fully stylized in a clear plastic (logo blazoned) suitcase to create your own dress!  This is one of those rare kits!  The dress fully made from this kit is currently selling for $3,500. You will be able to make one just like it in a mere 8-12 hours!  The discs are silver metallic finished plastic and the rings are gold metal. The kit contains 750 discs, 1300 rings, the Paco Rabanne metal tag, two pliers (!) and complete directions.  When I got this kit it was scotchtaped at ends - which was likely the original tape, but just to be SURE that this kit was complete for you... I slit open the tape and reclosed with new tape. And yes... it's all here... and other than the many scratches on the exterior case, it's like new! NOTE:  these kits are knowing or unknowingly being sold as 1960's, or 1970's kits by others... and dresses made from these kits have been sold as original 60's dresses!  But in researching, I came upon a New York Times article from 1996 describing these kits exactly.  There are those who are making up the dress from these kits and selling as original 60's dresses - and you can even see the mistakes in the shaping which prove this to be true! I won't sell what I know to be false. Still a fabulous piece of Paco Rabanne history!! 

$ 2,450. SOLD

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