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#3761 - c. 1890 Ecru Silk Chiffon over Taffeta Gown Trimmed with Boughs of Wax Lilacs and Point de Venise Lace! Words aren't necessary to explain the beauty of this gown! Like a wrapped gift box! Tantalizing. Massive amounts of ecru silk chiffon over taffetas with fabulous Point de Venise lace which is wired to stand at shoulders (!) and trimmed in fabulous wax lilacs!! Bodice laces at back (I didn't bother, but the tie is there). Measures: 30" bust, 23" waist. Gown is not perfect. The under taffeta is starting to go, and the chiffon has some tears, but it's SUCH an incredible look! Surprisingly, no staining on dress other that small underarm stains! I'm VERY picky about condition, I only like to sell Excellent/Near mint condition, but this is an exception - and less picky people would consider it in fine condition! :) Cries out to be displayed!
SOLD - but on display in Museum Category for Research/Study