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#3699 - c. 1910 Silk Satin Evening Wrap with Beading! Styled after the sweeping hooded capes traditionally worn by nomadic Berber tribesmen (Moroccan / Arabian) over loose tunics, this dramatic cape was worn by the fashion forward of the times! Made of champagne-colored silk satin with black satin trim, deeply cowled back with two long passementerie pendants and tassels, black and gold embroidery with beading at upper back. Measures: 56" long at longest point. Very good condition... not perfect as there are extremely light water marks here and there and the silk lining has some splitting, mostly at the hem area. This cape could be dated as early as 1917, but that would be for only the most fashion forward! I have found examples of similar pieces dating from 1917-1922. A worthy addition to any antique clothing collection ... and/or certainly wearable for your dramatic entrance.. or, if you are breaking up with him... for an even more dramatic exit! :)

SOLD - but on display in Museum Category for Research/Display