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#3599 -c. 1993 British Hallmarked Sterling Silver Regal Hounds Head Walking Cane Used by
LIZA MINNELLI After Her Hip Surgery in 1994!  In 1994, Liza underwent hip replacement surgery.  This is THE cane that she used for recovery after getting out of the wheelchair. The cane comes directly from her 2002 personal estate auction. Marked British Silver with the lion passant which is the symbol for sterling silver (925) and the anchor which is the city mark for Birmingham.  The "K" and "C" might be makers marks, and the "T" dates the cane to 1993 (according to the research on the British Hallmarks website!). The sterling dog hounds head is 1.5" high x 4" long. The sterling band with hallmarks is 1/2" high.  The glossy ebony black wooden stick is 35" long and has a rubber tip at bottom for use.  Total height is 37".  The condition is Very good with 3 small nicks from ebony (showing through light wood) and a few scrapes. The dog head shows pitting and dings, but nothing more than normal wear. I'm sure if you look hard, you can find a photo of Liza using this cane.  It's certainly distinctive! Wonderfully Regal!  Slightly smashed nose needs minor repair.  $ 945.

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