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#3416 - Vintage Brown Corduroy Suit, Off-white Heavy Cotton Shirt and Silk Tie worn by RUSSELL CROWE in his OSCAR NOMINATED PERFORMANCE as JOHN NASH in "A Beautiful Mind"! Worn by Russell Crowe in his Oscar Nominated performance of John Nash. If you've seen the movie, you will see the suit when John goes back to Princeton during his remission - walking outside. Since it was a short scene... this is one of the few "one of a kind" wardrobe pieces from the movie! Many of the outfits have duplicates used in filming... but this one of the few unique outfits from the film! There were other brown jackets.. but no other complete corduroy suits (so I was told). Guaranteed Authentic as it comes with a Certificate of Authenticity from Universal Pictures and Premiere Props. The details include suede patches on elbows, patch pockets, cuffed pants, and leather buttons. Really the suit is in only in Good condition as it was supposed to be slightly disheveled. It's in true vintage condition.. not crisp nor new, slightly worn with jacket collar that could use a pressing and tear in back lining - possibly from a microphone on his back belt? Tie is still knotted... just put on over the head. Russell Crowe is already a top star... and no question he will continue to get hotter. A great piece for an Oscar memorabilia collection!   Approx. - SIZE 42L

SOLD - but on display in Museum Category for Research/Study