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#2684 - c. 1883 STERN BROS. Wedding Gown of Cream Grenadine and Lace with Satin Ribbons! First I have to say "Stern". Especially difficult to part with, with that Stern Label. Just to give you a clue, visit the Museum / Page 2 on this website and look at the first gown on that page.. the medieval looking one with all the rhinestones! That was also a Stern gown. Now do you see what I'm talking about??? I've had a few gowns from "Sterns, New York" over the years and they have always been the fanciest of the fancy. This gown is even earlier than that since it's labeled "Stern Bros." so I'm assuming that they started out as a small shop and then grew to the department store. I'm not sure if they started as dressmakers or importers.. I want to say importers from France since their gowns were so magnificent..., but I don't know. All the three (!) underskirt hems are still there in in quite good condition. Tiered lace skirt with the bustle wrap and trimmed everywhere it seems with bows!
SOLD - but on display in Museum Category for Research/Study

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