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#2603 - c. 1924 Museum Quality Pink Fully Beaded Fringe Flapper Dress on Black Slip Base!
I have a piece in my closet that I haven't yet had the heart to sell. Why? Because the whole dress is full of beaded fringe - not silk fringe - BEADED!!! I never thought I'd find another. Well, I was wrong. Not only did I find another, but in PINK! And to make this even more exciting, the designer added an outstanding design in the beading to create the look of a long dropped belt!! If this wasn't one of the most expensive dresses of it's day, I'll eat my hat. (Well, maybe not some of the hats I have for sale, they are too beautiful to consume!) This is a definite for any deco or flapper collection. It weighs a ton, so if you decide to wear it, you better work out first! In amazing, Excellent condition! I'm amazed this dress has survived in tact.. and looks nearly new!!!!

SOLD - but on display in Museum Category for Research/Study