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#2540 - c. 1920's BEER - 7 PLACE VENDOME, PARIS! The Ultimate Deco Flapper Coat in Black Silk Satin, Long 2-tone Silk Fringe and Amazing Embroidered Deco Design! Beer began in 1884 as a designer of fans and parasols. Story goes that one of his customers asked him to design a gown to go with her Beer accessories and the rest is history. If you are a true collector of antique clothing, you will know the name "BEER". The first name you might learn is "WORTH" (he and his sons and grandsons were masters at self-promotion, so that's the name you know). Then once you learn a bit more, you will recognize Paquin, Lanvin, Doucet, Pingat, and Beer.. among many others. Fine examples of the work of these top designers are commanding amazing prices. The last Worth gown sold at the NYC Doyle Auction for $90,000! For me, if a garment can immediately evoke the look and feel of an era, it thrills the pants off me! :) Yeah, I know, I need to get a life. But anyway, I just look at this black silk satin wrap coat with a perfect deco trim and, well... The design on the sleeves is "cut in" to the black satin and the design at the sides are like huge kangaroo pockets. No closures on the coat, you just wrap the incredibly long two sections of two-tone fringe around the neck. Grab your black cloche pulled way down on your head, and you, my dear, are the ultimate designer flapper! Excellent condition.
SOLD - but on display in Museum Category for Research/Study