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#1915 -
c. 1950's ALWYNN-PARIS Silver Lame Gala Gown! If you want to know why Parisian couture is so highly regarded by the fashion world.. all you have to do it take a look at this gown and you will not question their leadership in extraordinary design! I have never seen more draping on one gown than this one! Just like an Oscar Statue! It's really a silver lame, but in various light, it gleams gold as you see. Clear beaded flower cluster design at the right breast which traveles down the front of the gown like a vine with beaded drops to the spot where the drap is held. Rhinestones add a bit of extra sparkle. Strapless with daring decolletage, stayed bodice and inner cinch waistband. Condition is Excellent though there is a bit of lame tarnishing. Back zipper. Top of the line couture piece from the 1950's.
SOLD - but on display in Museum Category for Research/Study