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#1611 - c. 1889 DATED Mens Embroidered Wedding Suspenders or Braces - REFURBISHED by Cheri Productions for the Film "CHERI" starring Michelle Pfeiffer and Rupert Friend (boyfriend of Keira Knightly)The good news is that these men's black satin embroidered wedding suspenders were recently worn by Rupert Friend in the production of the movie "Cheri". Here's the link to the movie info:  The bad news is that they seem to have ended up on the cutting room floor.  But the movie company certainly worked hard enough to find these, rent them from me, refurbish them, and return them.  So... seems like a lot of work for nothing unless they are in an expanded director's cut in the future! Refurbished means that they took a new pair of men's braces (or suspenders) to replace the old elastic at back, and then fully lined the braces in white fabric.  They did a remarkably wonderful job!  You will get the original leather pieces that were replaced.  What they DID keep is, of course, the exquisite floral embroidery on black satin, and best of all, the embossed goldtone clips at front with original patent date of 1889. Excellent condition with just a hint of wear on one spot on the embroidery (from the movie wear).  The perfect wedding gift to lend your man!  Something old, something new, something borrowed AND something blue... for him! :) Measures: 1.75" wide x 36" long from button to button.  Likely meant to be worn for high-waisted pants. 

 SOLD, but on Display for RESEARCH / STUDY