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#0157 - c. 1925 JEAN PATOU Paris, Cannes, Monte Carlo Couture Numbered Ecru and Black Silk Velvet Flapper Party Dress Trimmed in Rhinestones and Faux Pearls! Larger Size! Wow, if you are one of my website groupies, you might have seen my Alzheimer's is kicking in as I originally had this listed as Jeanne Lanvin! Eek!  Luckily I have my customers and webfriends looking out for me and proofreading for me!  Thanks Mark! OK... Jean Patou dress... got that... Patou, Patou, Patou!  There is a hand-written number under the label as you'd hope to expect.   The dress itself is a glorious design of crushed ecru silk velvet and black silk velvet skirt.  The free-flowing "necklace" is made of fully beaded clear round beads and tiny rhinestones in tiled diamond shapes and is attached at shoulders and at circle at front.  The same design continues at back with TWO free-flowing "necklaces". The low waistline which follows around the back uses faux pearls and rhinestones in a slightly different design which "pops" off the black velvet.  The front ecru velvet "scarf" down the middle of the skirt waves free as you walk. The condition isn't perfect.  There are large underarm stains, one pindot and one pinhead sized light spots, and one pinhead size dark penmark on the bodice (all three marks can disappear with tiny tack tucks in the velvet! - I'd do it if I had a devious bone in my body, but I don't).  There are also beads and rhinestones are missing from the trims which will only mostly bother you on very close inspection- except for one or two pearl trim areas on the waist (so add a pearl or two and it will look nearly perfect from afar).  So the dress is marked according to condition - really only the underarm stains are of great issue!  Rare to find a 1920s Patou dress on the open market, so snap it up for your collection! This has been in my personal collection for 15 years! Measures: 44" bust, 38" at low waist/upper hip, 46" long from shoulder to hem.  Meant to be worn slightly large. 

SOLD - but on display in Museum Category for Research/Display